Adventure Trail Backpack

The Adventure Trail Backpack is a versatile and lite weight RC transportation option. Featuring a durable shell material that stands up to various conditions, reinforced stitching, strategically placed pockets and multiple padded and adjustable straps, comfort and functionality are merged into what will soon be your favorite RC carry bag.

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  • 1/10 Scale Full Metal Trailer with LED Lights

    (Shown hauling the Kyosho 1/10 scale '57 Chevy Bel Air and '66 C10)

  • Features:

    • Precision Engineering
    • Sleek Anodized Finish
    • Realistic LED Lighting
    • Functional Design
  • This trailer is not just about looks.

    Designed for use, the trailer bed is spacious, making it ideal for transporting miniature payloads or showcasing your favorite 1/10 scale vehicles.